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Hope all is well, we kindly need your assistance in the following:

1. we have used your plugin

2 All pdf displayed has the upper third hidden under the tool bar

3. Kindly assist us on how can we manage to open the pdf without having the upper third cut off

check this link


Appreciate your feedback ASAP

Thank you for your time

asked Jan 15, 2017 by embassem (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hello, if i hidden toolbar, how you close pdf (how you click on back button) ?
answered Jan 15, 2017 by IndieYP (1,730 points)
the toolbar may hidden  on scroll  or start the  pdf bellow the toolbar not  under it  
the main issue is there is a some of the pdf cut under the toolbar in the first page of the pdf
Ok, i release new update on next weekend
ok  ,  thanks for your help
I loaded new version 1.36, now version pending review in Unity Asset store
thanks for your support
 once released it'll  test it and update you with the result
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