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I'm trying to find where the remote PDF files are cached on the device.

I need this path to perform a version compare on the files already stored by the application in the persistentDataPath.

I've tried to use  PDFReader.PersistentDataPath, to retrieve the DirectoryInfo but debug tells me that the path doesn't exists, only Application.persistentDataPath is working. ( PDFReader.DownloadPDF is not working also for the same reason (file not found) and the app crashes when I'm using it instead of  PDFReader.CachePDFData that is working perfectly)

So I can't figure out where the files are cached by the app using PDFReader.CachePDFData to perform my version check.

Can you help me please ?

Many thanks.


asked Jun 24, 2017 by Titof2 (120 points)

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