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Hi, I've been using this asset for a while now.

I'm on Unity 2017.3.0 / Windows.

I'm struggling with the stupidest error :

When the Platform is set to Android I cannot compile, the error is :

`IndieYP.PDFReader' does not contain a definition for `OpenDocInWebViewLocal'

And I dont get it, since IT DOES

Anyway, good plugin, thanks for the time
asked Feb 25, 2018 by eafzzf (120 points)

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Hello method "OpenDocInWebViewLocal" only work on iOS, if you switch to android platform separate method on compile stage like this:


void OnOpenInWebViewLocalBtnClick ()


PDFReader.OpenDocInWebViewLocal (streamingPdf, "Unity Test", "Back", true);



answered Feb 25, 2018 by IndieYP (1,730 points)
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